Case Studies of Walking Qi Gong on Chronic Diseases

March 28th, 2000

Coronary artery disease and hyperlipidemia

Male, weak built, frequent dizziness and chest pain, fainted in 1968, found to have complete right bundle branch block, coronary disease, diabetes, and blood cholesterol >400mg and lipoprotein>1000mg. Various treatments until 1974 yielded no marked improvement. Started walking Qigong in March 1978 with initial skeptism. After 2 weeks, more energy in legs and higher appetite prompted greater confidence and more regular practice which began with stationary step Gong, up-down open-close Gong, followed by natural walking and slow walking, 1-2-3 step Gong. To stabilize the therapeutic effects, standing and sitting Gong were added. All symptoms gradually disappeared after 1 year and full job was resumed since 1978.

Protracted hepatitis

Male,50, chronic hepatitis diagnosed in 1973, stomach ache, fatigue, weight loss, progressive GTP hike from 310 to 410, liver swell 2 cm, waxy complexion, and general edema. Condition worsened with intensive treatment and in virtual despair by 1974. Pick up the slow walking Qigong after a stroll in the park. Daily exercise 3 times and in just over 6 weeks, hospital checkup showed normalized values, but the symptoms remained. After 3 more months, lab tests showed some rebounce in hepatitis values. Qigong method was readjusted and values in 1975 test showed all within normal range. Symptoms were also markedly reduced. Returned to work in 1976 and headed for farm job in 1979. No reactivation of hepatitis was reported since.

Hemiplegia, heart disease, and diabetes

Male, history of coronary disease, vascular dilating medications taken regularly as prescribed. Dizziness, whirling vision, right arm numbness lasting 1-2 minutes, intensified over time, and accompanied by nausea on 1-20-1988. Stiff tongue, difficulty talking developed 2 days later. Diagnosed acute cerebral vascular disease, transient ischemic attack, not excluding cerebral thrombosis, and was hospitalized..Record showed tongue protruding toward right, right arm extensor muscles weaker than the left. Active drug and herb treatment resulted in marked improvement. Language impairment remained. Right foot could not step firmly and felt like walking on cotton. Right arm could not handle chopsticks. Discharged with sequels to enroll in walking Qigong class. Each day started with 5 minutes of relaxed still standing followed by natural walking Qigong. Despite the hemiplegic right leg, he tried best to follow the movements in mind after the instructor. Restoration of leg strength and sensation of stepping on solid ground was preceded in an exercise session by a current of electric-like numb tingling pulses along acupoint Huantiao down the right leg and up the right arm and hand. Talking ran smoother at home that day. Diabetic values were also kept under control.

Polycythemia Vera ( Chronic disorder of blood cell overproduction )

Female, enlarged liver and spleen, Hb rose from 17.2g to >21g, red cell counts >10 million/mm3, bone ache, edema, vertigo, and generalized fatigue. Treated by isotope 32P and herbs for 3 years. Chemotherapy used to suppress bone marrow overproduction. Blood lettings 3 times, 400 ml each, last time the blood was so thick and sticky, it stopped in the middle. Rebounce usually in 1 month. Tried folk formulas like leach, scorpion, and toads 15g/d with low tolerance or effects. Introduced by friends to Guolin in Nov.1979, in 3 years of exercise disease was stable. Test in Oct. 1981 showed rbc 3million, Hb 9.6g, wbc5k, platelet 43k. Other former ailments such as uterus fibroids, atropic gastritis, dry eyes, neurosis, and constipation also vanished with better health. She is now a Guolin Qigong instructor.

Cerebral Arterial Aneurysm

Female, severe headache, eyeball pain, double vision, brain vascular image showed aneurysm, size of a yellow bean. The deep and central location precluded surgery. The affected artery may burst out in case of hypertension or sneeze, leading to cerebral bleeding. Disease intensified when her husband died in 1980. Enrolled in Guolin chronic disease class held in Beijing Normal University. After 1 month, symptoms improved steadily except for slight double vision. A 40 year old hard neck lymph node from sequel T.B. surgery in 1942 even became smaller and softer. She shared one experience: When she start Qigong she used palm down Daoyin ( conduction that tends to deplete ) which fared well for the brain mass; 6 months later when she found her blood pressure was too low, she adjusted the way of Daoyin, i.e., palm down but Tiger-mouth up conducting back to Dantian. After 1 month, her blood pressure was restored.

Exercise helps most chronic diseases to change the course of pathology. Regular, systemic exercise is even more conducive to health recovery based on solid science of psychoneuroimmunology (from mind to neurons to immune potentiated self-repair) that partially explained the impressive results of Guolin Qigong on so many chronic diseases.

Excerpts translated by Oriental Healing from Guolin Qigong pp.309-370