Herbal Tea Helps People Who Are Diabetics

I would like to share with you the case history of a female client of mine who is 61 years old. When she first came into the Oriental Healing office she was using a cane and was accompanied by her husband. The doctor diagnosed that she had a broken knee cartilage and suggested surgery. After she drank herbal tea and also used an herbal poultice externally her knee pains and swelling went away. She wanted to use herbs for her other health problems.

She has had diabetes for about 2 years. Her doctor prescribed 5mg of Glucotrol twice a day, but her sugar level was still over 250. She is overweight, easily tired, often hungry and eats a lot. She experiences frequent urination almost every hour. She constantly has the urge to go. She is thirsty all the time. Her stool is hard and dry. Her tongue is red instead of pink and is lightly coated. Her pulse is faint but fast. According to her symptoms she has a deficiency of "chi" and "yin".

My strategy was to strengthen her "chi" and "yin". The treatment consisted of drinking a tea which was a combination of 14 herbs such as White Ginseng, Bei Sa Seng, Tai Zi Seng, Hua Feng, Zhi Mu, Huan Bai, Che Qian Cao and Zhe Xie among others. Using White Ginseng, Bei Sa Seng, Tai Zi Seng tonifies "chi" and "yin". Using Hua Feng and Zhi Mu relieves the thirst. Huan Bai, Che Qian Cao and Zhe Xie can help the frequent urination and prevent the urethral infection because of the high sugar. All together they can regulate the sugar level in the blood. After two weeks of use, she has no more excessive thirst and the frequent urination has subsided. The stools became normal and her feeling of hunger was reduced. Her level tested in the morning on an empty stomach fell from 260 - 220 - 180 - 160 - 140.

The above case shows us that Chinese herbs can regulate the blood sugar of the body and benefit the diabetic.