Chinese Herb For Diarrhea

I would like to share with you the case history of a 30 year old female client of mine She has had Crohn disease for about 15 years. Some of the symptoms she experiences are diarrhea, borborygmi (taking intestines), and constipation The main problem is diarrhea, which she has almost every day. Sometimes the stool is loose, sometimes watery. The color is brown or yellow She has seen different doctors, but her diarrhea still could not be controlled.

She wanted to try Chinese herbal formulas. When I checked her tongue it showed a reddish color with a white and thick coating According to Chinese medical theory a reddish tongue tells us that heat is staying inside A white, thick coating shows that dampness has accumulated inside. Also, a thready and rapid pulse indicate that the heat and dampness are combined If this heat and dampness flows downward it could cause diarrhea.

Our stomach and spleen are in charge of the digestive system When the stomach and spleen are weak this can also cause digestive problems and show diarrhea. My therapeutic principle was clearing away the heat and dampness, reinforcing the spleen and regulating the stomach To achieve this an herbal formula was given to her on the first visit. The formula was a combination of twelve herbs, including Ge Geng, Lim Qiao, Nin Hum, Bei Xie and Tu Hu Lin for clearing away the heat and dampness and Huai Shang, Mi Ren and Chen Pi for reinforcing the spleen and regulating the stomach.

One week later, on her second visit, she told me that after drinking the herbal tea formula for two days the diarrhea had stopped This tune her tongue color was light red and her coating was still thick 1 adjusted the above herbal formula by taking out Nin Hua because the degree of heat had been reduced and adding Bar Zhu to further increase the function of reinforcing spleen and removing dampness. I gave her this herbal tea for one week.

Approximately one month later she came for her third visit. She said that during the month she had no more diarrhea. Her bowel movements had changed to once a day or every other day. Recently she had some borborygmi (stomach and intestine talking) for two days and wanted to have some more herbs to take care of her digestive system.

This case is one example of the beneficial results achieved by Chinese herbal medicine Diarrhea is a common problem for people who have suffered along time with dysfunctional digestive systems Give Chinese herbs a try!