Chinese Herbs For Quality Sleep

Quality sleep precedes quality life. Sleep problem in America is reflected by the huge consumption of sleep pills. The dose-building, habit-forming pills leave many drug dependent for sleep; while side-effects of drowsiness, impaired reaction, motion, and judgment cause many accidents. People with sleep disorder are often troubled by fear of failure to sleep without the pills. The bed-time often becomes miserable and even a painful experience.

Nature has many remedies for quality sleep. One of them is Chinese herbal formula. There are dozens of herbal formulas to deal effectively with sleeping problems. Some treat the Seven Emotional irregularities; others handle Yin and blood deficiencies to nurture the heart and calm the mind. Not only are herbs non-habit-forming, they actually help those drug- dependent get rid of the habit . Other differences between pills and Chinese herbs are noteworthy. Pills are taken right before sleep; herbs are taken anytime of the day. Pills have dragged-on drowsiness; while herbs leave the body what it should feel after a good night's sleep----alert and energetic. Pills provide, say, 8-hour blood level or drug action; herbal effects are often more than temporary relief. While the same pills are used by all people; herbal formulas tend to vary from individual to individual. It seems that high-tech medicine has a lot to learn from ancient Chinese healing.

As Dr. Lin Caiping, an herbal physician and acupuncturist at Oriental Healing at 10 West Main, Maple Shade, explained it, "The principle of Chinese medicine is total treatment. Herbal formulas are not random mixtures. They are time-tested and carefully balanced with specific properties to help the body reach Yin-Yang balance. That's why Chinese remedies often go beyond symptom relief to deal effectively with the more fundamental causes of health and illness. When more Americans learn to use natural remedies for sleep disorder, more can enjoy quality sleep and healthier life. It is the natural sleep that makes quality sleep."