“Acupuncture For Infertility”


Since the 1950's, scientists in China have done tremendous research to find out why TCM and acupuncture are good for infertility. They have found that TCM and acupuncture can promote both male and female reproductive functions: promoting the quantity and quality of the eggs and sperms, promoting the combination of the sperm and egg, balancing the hormones, regulating the nerve and endocrine systems.

This lecture will explore the way acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can assist women and men who are experiencing trouble in their attempts to conceive naturally or those who are looking to combine TCM with IVF or other fertility therapies. The presentation will include such topics as:

·     How TCM (acupuncture & Chinese herbal therapy) can increase the chance of conceiving (naturally or along with other fertility methods)

·     The Eastern view of infertility and symptoms

·        The Eastern view of a woman's body cycle

·     Self management techniques for increasing pregnancy rate

·     Case studies of clients who have been successful using TCM