Chinese Herbal Medicine

Photo by Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel, The Inquirer

Chinese herbs form the backbone of Chinese medicine. The huge wealth of knowledge and experience comes from 5000 years and billions of human application. About 400 herbs are in common use. Treatment is based on individual constitution, herb properties, and Yin-Yang balance. Clinical benefits of Chinese herbs include:

Health Promotion: Regulate immune function for optimal response to health factors. Engage body-mind cooperation in health maintenance. Tonify the body, relax the mind; replace the deficiency and drain the excess.

Health Restoration: Correct chronic dysfunction. Promote recovery from heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, peptic ulcer, chronic pain, consumptive or degenerative diseases. Especially helpful for some rare or unknown disorders.

Circulatory Management: Improve micro-circulation and tissue perfusion, prevent stasis or intravascular thrombotic formation. Preventive or therapeutic for many cardiovascular diseases.

Metabolic Regulation: Rich supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other essential nutrients. Powerful anti-oxidant activity against damage from free radicals. Smooth and steady control of diabetes, hypercholestrolemia, hypothyroidism, and other endocrinal dysfunction. Safe and effective for weight loss or gain.

Addiction Withdrawal: Help quit smoking, alcoholism, pain-killers, sleeping pills, and other addictive drugs. Minimize withdrawal effects. Replace or assist withdrawal of steroid therapy.

Sexual Improvement: Tonify muscle, increase sensitivity, and strengthen organs. Help retard aging process, reduce senile degenerative changes, promote longevity and well-being. Keep sexual vitality in very senior years.

Others: Help restore energy and correct exhaustion from chemo/radiotherapies. Increase cancer tolerance / survival. Restore immune competency from antibiotic overuse, HIV positivity, AIDS, and certain tumors. Control infections by viruses or antibiotic- resistant species. Post-surgical recovery. Rehabilitation. Infertility. Various gynecological and pediatric uses.