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New Tai Chi Class MONDAY January 15, 2018

Watch the video: The Eastern Way to Health

Tai chi is exercise for your body and your mind, with practitioners of all ages.

Walking Qigong - call (856) 857-9494 for information

Tai Chi Benefits Your Heart

Consumer Reports article examines Tai Chi and Qigong for blood pressure and cholesterol control

Tai Chi Helps Improve Diabetes

Read article reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Tai Chi For Knee Pain

Read article on research done at Tufts University

Tai Chi and Fall Prevention

Analysis finds Tai Chi better than other exercises for preventing falls.

Tai Chi For Improved Mood

Tai Chi Linked To Improvements in Psychological Well-Being

Tai Chi Compared to Brisk Walking

Tai Chi's Effect on Heart Rate Variability

Upcoming 2017 Events & Lectures

Camden County Senior's Health Awareness Fair

(A Camden County Freeholder Event, For more information call 856-858-2986.)

Date & Time TBA

Camden County Women's Health Conference

World Tai Chi Day

Last Saturday of April each year 10:00 AM worldwide

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Day

October 24, 2017